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Year Subject Code Subject Name Course Description
First Year CST-101 Digital Fundamental Digital Concepts

Number Systems, Operations and Codes

Logic Gates

Boolean Algebra and Logic Simplification

Combinational Logic

Functions of Combinational Logic



CST-203 Digital Logic Fundamental II Latches, Flip-Flops and Timers


Shift Registers



CT-205 Digital System Design I Memory and Storage

Programmable Logic and Software

Signal Interfacing and Processing

Computer Concept



CT-206 Electrical Circuit I Basic Components and Electric Circuits

Voltages and Current Laws

Basic Nodal and Mesh Analysis

Handy Circuit Analysis Techniques

Capacitors and Inductors

Sinusoidal Steady-State Analysis

AC Circuit Power Analysis

Polyphase Circuit

Magnetically Coupled Circuits

Third Year CST-303 Data Communication I Data Transmission

Transmission Media

Signal encoding Technique

Digital Data Communication Technique

Data Link Control protocols


Spread Spectrum

Circuit-Switching and Packet Switching

Routing in Switched Data Networks

Congestion Control in Data Networks

Local Area Network Overview

Third Year CST-303 Computer Networking Computer Network and the Internet

Application Layer

Transport Layer

The Network Layer

Third Year CT-304 Electronics I Introduction to Electronics

Diodes and Applications

Special Purpose Diodes

Bipolar Junction Transistors

Transistors Bias Circuits

BJT Amplifiers

Power Amplifiers


Operational Amplifiers

Basic Op-Amp Ciucuits

Third Year CT-305 Linear Control System I Basic Control Systems

Mathematical Module of Systems

Feedback Control System Characteristics

The Performance of Feedback Control Systems

The Stability of Linear Feedback Systems

Third Year CT-305 Digital System Design II Computing and Computers

Design Methodology

Processor Basics

Third Year CT-306 Electrical Circuit II Basic RL and RC Circuits

The RLC Circuits

Complex Frequencies and Laplace Transform

Circuit Analysis in the S-Domain

Frequency Response

Third Year CT-306 Assembly Language Microprocessor-Based System: Hardware & Interfacing

Programming the 8085

Fourth Year CT-403 Electronics II Field- Effect Transistors and Biasing

FET Amplifier and Switching Circuits

Amplifier Frequency Response

The Special Purpose Op-Amp Circuits

Active Filters

Fourth Year CT-403 Embedded System Basic Embedded System

The Typical Embedded System

Characteristics and Quality Attributes of Embedded System

Embedded System Application- and Domain-Specific

Designing Embedded Systems with 8-bits Micro Controllers -8051

Programming the 8051 Micro Controller

Hardware Software Co-Design and Programming Modeling

Fourth Year CT-404 Computer Architecture Datapath Design

Control Design

Memory Organization

System Organization

Fourth Year CT-405 Control System II The Root Locus Methods

The Frequency Response methods

Stability and Frequency Domain

The Design of Feedback Control System

Fourth Year CT-405 Cryptography Traditional Symmetric

Introduction to Model Symmetric Key Ciphers

Data Encryption Standard (DES)

Encipherment Using Modern Symmetric Key Ciphers

Asymmetric Key crytopgraphy

Fourth Year CT-406 Data and Computer Communication II Ethernet

Internet Protocol

Internetwork Operation

Internetwork Quality of Services

Fourth Year CT-406 Information Security Computer security

Cyber Stalking, Fraud and Abuse

Denial of Service Attacks


Techniques used by Hackers

Computer Security Software

Network Scanning and Vulnerability Scanning

Fifth Year CT-502 Computer Architecture &

Digital Signal Processing

Computer Architecture and Technology

Language of the Computer

Accessing and Understanding Performance

Arithmetic for Computers

Data path and Control

Enhancing Performance with Pipelining

Discrete Time Signals and Systems

The Z-Transform

Sampling of Continuous time signals

Transform analysis of linear time-invariant systems, Filter design Techniques, The Discrete Fourier Transforms

Fifth Year CST-503 Computer Networking Internet Protocol (IP)

User Datagram Protocol (UDP)

Reliable Stream Transport Service (TCP)

Routing Architecture

Routing between peers (BGP)

Routing within and Autonomous system (RIP, OSPF)

Internet Multicasting

Mobile IP

Private network Interconnection (NAT, VPN)

Domain Name System (DNS)

Internet Security and Firewall Design (IPSec, SSL)

Fifth Year CT-504 Computer Control Computer in Control System

The Z-Transformation

Analysis of Sampled-Data Control System

Digital Compensator Design

Real-Time Computer Control System

Advances in Computer Control

Classical Sets & Fuzzy Sets

Classical Relations & Fuzzy Relations

Properties of Membership Functions, Fuzzifacation and Defuzzifacation

Logic and Fuzzy Systems

Development of Membership functions

Decision making with Fuzzy Information

Fuzzy Control System

Fifth Year CT-504 Computer Graphic Image processing Digital Image Fundamentals

Image Transforms

Image Enhancement

Fifth Year CT-505 Cryptographic Techniques & Data Security Message Integrity and Message Authentication

Cryptographic Hash Functions

Digital Signature

Entity Authentication

Key Management

Security at the Application Layer

Security at the Transport Layer

Security at the Network Layer

Fifth Year CT-505 Neural Network Computing Classifying Patterns

Clustering Patterns

Pattern Association

A Sample of Recurrent Network

Learning Processes

Single Layer Perceptrons

Multilayer Perceptrons

Radial-Basis Function Networks

Fifth Year CST-506 Cisco Networking Basic Cisco Devices and Addressing & Subnetting

Routing and Switching

Scaling Networks

Connecting Networks

Hardware Lab



Dr.Zar li Cho 1

Dr.Zarli Cho


Dr.Zin May Aye

Dr. Thin Thin Hlaing(mod)

Dr.Thinn Thinn Hlaing
Assistant Professor

D Aye Aye Win (2)mod

Daw Aye Aye Win

U Lynn Yaung Ni(mod)

U Lynn Yaung Ni

D Myint Myint Than(mod)

Daw Myint Myint Than

D Ei Ei Tun(CU-TGO)

Daw Ei Ei Tun
Assistant lecturer

D Van Cer Kin(mod)

Daw Van Cer Kin
Assistant Lecturer

D Phyo Yadar Lynn(mod)

Daw Phyo Yadanar Lynn

D Nilar Thein(mod)

Daw Nalar Thein