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Computational Mathematics Department

Computational Mathematics Department

Year Subject Code Subject  Name Course Description
First Year CST-102 Computational Mathematics I Functions

Limits and Continuity


Applications of Derivatives


Application of Definite Integrals

Transcendental Functions

Techniques of Integration

The Foundations: Logic, Sets and Functions

Fundamentals: Algorithms, The Integers and Matrices

Mathematical Reasoning



CST-202 Computational Mathematics II Counting


First-Order ODEs

Second Order Linear ODEs

Laplace Transforms

Infinite Sequence and Series

Parametric Equation and Polar Coordinates

Vectors and The Geometry of Space

Third Year CST-302 Computational Mathematics III Fourier Analysis

Complex Numbers and Functions

Complex Differentiation

Data Analysis

Probability Theory

Linear Algebra

Numerical in General

Numerical in Linear Algebra

Fourth Year CS-401 Operations Research Linear Programming

Solving Liner Programming Problem: The Simplex Method

Duality Theory and Sensitivity Analysis

Other Algorithms for Linear Programming

Inventory Theory

Fourth Year CST-402 Computational Mathematics IV Linear Algebra

Power Series

Numerical Methods in General

Numerical Methods in Linear Algebra

Numerical Methods for Differential Equations

Fifth Year CST-501 Computational Mathematics V Elements of Graph Theory

Converting Circuits and Graph Coloring

Networks Algorithms

Games with Graphs


Dr.Aye Theigi(mod)

Dr. Aye Theigi

D San San Nwe(mod)

Daw San San Nwe
Assistant Lecturer

D Naw Muu Lar Phaw(mod)

Daw Naw Muu Lar Phaw

D Lynn Lynn Aye(mod)

Daw Lynn Lynn Aye
Assistant Lecturer

D Khin Moh Moh Thinn(mod)

Daw Khin Moh Moh Thinn
Assistant Lecturer

D Myat Moh Moh Thu(mod)

Daw Myat Moh Moh Thu
Assistant Lecturer